VIL VITHAI (2023) Tamil Movie Cast, Release Date, Review, Actress Name, OTT Release Date and More

VIL VITHAI is an Tamil Social Thriller Directed by S.Hari Uthraa. Starring Arun micheal daniel, Aarathya, Vaishnavi Naiyak and Smt. Karunanidhi in the lead role. The movie will be released on 7 July 2023.

Synopsis: Car driver Mithran and Swetha lose their child Bhavana to a gang of rapists. Mitran, who thinks that such an impact should not happen to any parents who bring up girls, is the plot summary of the movie “Vil Vithai” where the incidents of weeding out the anti-socials involved in sexual crimes. villain murders him in anger. The story of this film is written as a response to the voice of the anti authority who raised their voice against this fate of a good person who sacrificed his life considering their future welfare

Movie NameVIL VITHAI (2023)
GenreSocial Thriller
DirectorS.Hari Uthraa
Production CompaniesUthraa productions
CastArun micheal daniel
Vaishnavi Naiyak
Smt. Karunanidhi
Release Date7 July 2023
VIL VITHAI Movie all Details

VIL VITHAI (2023) Tamil Movie Cast

  • Arun micheal daniel
  • Aarathya
  • Vaishnavi Naiyak
  • Smt. Karunanidhi

Arun micheal daniel


Vaishnavi Naiyak

VIL VITHAI (2023) Tamil Movie Crew

Writers – S.Hari Uthraa
Producers – S.Hari Uthraa
Cinematographer -RN.Shivakumar
Editors – Kishore.M
Music – AJ Alimirzaq
Digital PR : Ahmed Asjad

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